Spring News

5/11/2011  My partner Nikki turns 21!

5/5/2011  My sex advice blog launches:  Erotic Answers from Huntington Beach

4/16/2011  Check out my April sex advice column at Sass Magazine–this month’s topic is strap-ons.

4/1/2011  Astral Liaisons is released for Nook and Kindle.

3/9/2011  My 21st birthday!

3/7/2011 Demons of Paradise receives 4 stars from Paranormal Romance Guild.

3/1/2011  Demons of Paradise is released for Nook.

1/11/2011  Demons of Paradise is released for Kindle.

About cassandraduffy

Cassandra Duffy a.k.a. Lizzy Dark is a native Southern Californian, born on a balmy spring day of 1990. She spent most of her childhood being precocious, which stopped being entertaining or impressive when she grew into an adult, at which point she had to start being precious. Her first collection of short stories, “Demons of Paradise” was published by Day Moon Press in January 2011. She writes a free-lance sex advice column found in various lesbian magazines, and has graciously accepted the title of “Sexpert” from her editor in Australia, with whom she has not had sex. She lives and writes in Orange County with her partner and soul mate Nichole and their two cats: Dragon and Josephine.

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