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Les Three Musketeers



Nikole Tesla

and the Electrocuted Elephants

SONY DSC Meet famed scientist Nikole Tesla, inventor of such marvels as alternating current, the Tesla coil, and the death ray…maybe forget about the last one. In a time when society struggles to keep up with scientific advancement, Tesla leads the way in innovation and stepping on toes. Her attempts to bring free, plentiful, alternating current electricity to the world pits her against powerful men like J.P. Morgan and the all-American dynamo, Thomas Edison. Can genius and a distinct lack of sleep triumph over a powerful robber baron and a jealous inventor backed by an army of undead, electrocuted elephants? The fate of free energy and philanthropy hangs in the balance, but first, Tesla has to hit up just one more party!

Lovely Predators

Millicent stalked the night without real aim for four centuries, a vampire growing bored in her eternal life. In the past decade, she has grown sloppy in her disinterest in life. After nearly dying in Miami at the dawn of the new millennium, she moves to Los Angeles where a new predator, unlike any she has ever encountered before, offers her new inspiration to hunt the most dangerous humans she can find. A new love interest even sparks up as she reemerges from her depression…

Detective Aria Finnegan, one of the rising stars in the Los Angeles major case squad, is thick in the middle of an intriguing new case of a serial killer who displays his kills in tauntingly gruesome fashion that might make or break her already flashy career. Her focus takes an unexpected hit when she meets a beautiful, enthralling woman who seems to know a little too much about hunting serial killers…

In this modern Noire murder mystery thriller Los Angeles plays host to a bevy of predators, some who hunt for blood, some who hunt for justice, and some who hunt to satisfy the darkest evil within them. As the body count rises, the city is pushed to the edge of hysteria and Aria finds she might not be as objective about the case as she should be.

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